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Best trampoline from the guide: Find the right product

The best trampoline can bring a lot of joy and is ideal for the sports program for your kids. With this fitness training trampoline, you get over 400 muscles in action, which is hardly feasible in any other sport. In an hour on the trampoline, mothers and fathers can not only have fun with the children but also burn 250 kcal per hour. A distinction should be made when choosing between fitness trampoline and garden trampoline. The latter is the right choice for children and leisure fun. For exercise, you can benefit more from the fitness trampoline.

The garden trampoline for kids and how safe it is

Garden trampolines are also often referred to as outdoor trampoline and have a diameter of 24 to 49 inches. Accordingly, the jump height can vary, it can be between 6 and 10 inches. Most trampolines you buy come with a safety net, which ensures that you can not simply fall off it. This is very important because many kids are brave and try to jump more than would be normally safe, as well as other exercises on the sports equipment this can be harmful so, a certain security must be given. If you own a trampoline without a safety net, you can still buy and install it separately.

Anyone who owns a garden trampoline can leave it outside the entire year, but experts advise to deposit it in the fall so that the trampolines are no0t harmed in the winter by the temperature fluctuations. But if you still want to leave the sports equipment outside, you should buy a cover and examine it for damage before using it for the first time.

What is also an important point for safety is the fact that more and more people are seen on a trampoline. But if you look at the construction manual of the manufacturer, it is always pointed out that only one person should use the trampoline and several people are prohibited on the device at the same time.

The fitness or gym trampoline? The 21th-century question

Fitness or gym trampoline is used indoors and has a diameter of 25 – 50 inches and is very small. The height of the devices is 3-9 inches. You jump on the spot to move all the muscles and burn as many calories in an hour as you could not with some other sports.

However, the fitness trampoline also protects the bones, which is why people of all ages can train on it. If you are a bit awkward, you can also buy the gymnastics trampoline with a handrail. The fitness trampoline is often referred to as a mini trampoline, but this is wrong. Because that is another trampoline type.

Incidentally, the fitness trampoline can also be used in the smallest household. You can easily fold it when you do not need it and put it in a corner or push it under the bed. It is easy to assemble and just as easily folded up again.

Other trampoline options

The mini trampoline can be recognized by the rectangular or square shape. A mini trampoline is used in sports and is not used for private use. The mini trampoline often does not even have its feathers disguised because they are designed to increase bounce.

Also, the competition trampoline is not something you can find in every home because this is about high-performance trampolines, which are used only in the sport. The professional device is designed so that the athletes can do several high-jumps in a row. Better heights are achieved because the air resistance of the jump sheets is lower.

Inflatable trampoline – a good alternative?

If you want to buy a trampoline and look around online, you will probably already have found the inflatable one. The question often comes up here whether the purchase is worth or not. The inflatable trampoline offers a possibility of bounce enhancement but is of course not a trampoline in that sense. This alternative is more for smaller children because there is no risk of injury from the feathers and a child can not fall deeply. This type of trampoline can often be found in kindergarten, where children are allowed to hop a little in the gymnasium under observation.

What to pay attention to when buying a trampoline?

Buyers should see if they want to purchase an outdoor or indoor trampoline. In the outdoor unit, you have to see if the safety net is already there, inside you should perhaps pay attention to the handlebar. The maximum load capacity must also be considered, you can not weigh 140 lbs, but use a trampoline, which is designed for 100 lbs. Here then there is an increased risk of injury and also the device can, of course, break faster.

Inside and outside you should never let children use the trampoline alone, the risk of injury can also be given with the net. In addition, one should take the point very seriously that the trampoline may only be used by one person. Otherwise, it can lead to accidents because one gets a foot in front of the head. Children, as well as adults, could break their bones.

When are children allowed on a trampoline?

As a rule, children under the age of 3 should not be on the device, the bones are not yet strengthened enough. Between 3 and 6 years, an adult should always be present when the child starts to gain experience on a trampoline. This means that parents should go with the device and take care of the child without jumping. From the age of 6, the children are able to use the trampoline on their own, but that does not mean that one can violate the duty of supervision. Children should always be under observation when using the trampoline.

Advantages and disadvantages of Kids Trampolines at a glance

Who decides to buy a trampoline, should know advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits would be that you can consume many calories with a lot of fun. There are a lot of muscles being trained, like no other sport. The condition will improve and on the trampoline you can train at any age.

The disadvantages can sometimes be seen in the prices, which vary depending on the manufacturer. In addition, a trampoline brings with it a risk of injury.

The trampoline comparison

With this comparison, you can often see which device is worth buying. The comparison shows which devices are a delight to be bought, from good manufacturers or have received very good customer reviews and where the prices are good. The best trampoline is somehow never recommended directly because tastes are very different and so far, the BackToBasicToys has not tested trampolines and awarded the top ones. But you can already see many important points with the trampoline comparison and buy a good trampoline for yourself.

Buy online or in the store?

Of course, this point is left to each family. Some people love shopping in the city, others prefer cheap online shopping. Above all, one can buy in the shop around the clock, is dependent on no opening times and can be delivered the trampoline also comfortably in the house, instead of having to transport it also itself. Although you have to wait for the online shopping for the delivery, you can enjoy a little anticipation.



A trampoline can bring much joy. It is important to note that it is only ever used by one person. For children, this spoils the fun, but it increases security. Doctors advise the use of exactly for this reason because the children always go in two or three on the trampoline and parents just do not pay attention. So it comes to head injuries, concussions, and fractures.

Anyone who is pregnant should avoid the sports equipment until birth, as well as children up to the age of three. An indoor device is easy to stow away and can even be used while watching TV. The outdoor unit should, if possible, reduce in the fall, otherwise cover well over the winter and examine for damage before reuse.