Your ultimate guide to Kids & Toddler Trampolines – Updated March 2018

Buying a toddler trampoline can be a big decision. Parents worry primarily about kid safety, so a toddler trampoline with handle or other safety features is vital. But there are additional considerations as well such as reliability, performance, and cost-versus-use. You want a trampoline that is going to last and give your kids as much enjoyment as possible while they are still able to play on it.  With that in mind, we have scoured the massive selection of kids trampolines and narrowed your choices down to the six best.

No matter which one of these six kid trampolines you choose, health experts agree that the best way to help your kids develop a healthy body and good habits for the rest of their life is to make sure that they do the actual physical activity as often as possible. Let’s take a look at the six best kid trampolines that will help you do exactly that.


With so many options for entertainment that can be enjoyed from the couch, kids these days are more inactive than ever; although virtual reality and the Wii have started getting kids moving again a little, starting kids as young as possible on physical activities like trampolining will allow them to develop both mentally and physically. Let’s take a look at some of your best options for a toddler trampoline.

#1.Little Tikes 3′ Small Indoor Toddler Trampoline with Handlebar

This kids trampoline is made by Little Tikes, one of the most recognizable brands in the toy industry, and this toddler trampoline features quality construction and safety features that will allow your little one to burn off plenty of energy while preventing injury. This kid trampoline is constructed from a combination of plastic and steel, with a handlebar that is just the right height, making it one of the best kids trampoline choices on the market today. With bright blue colors and plenty of room, your toddler will be able to burn off all of their excess energy, allowing for an easier bedtime, a deeper sleep and minimizing those morning tantrums.

Pros of the Little Tikes 3′ Toddler Trampoline

  • This toddler trampoline is made from a combination of steel and plastic, which means that it will last you for as long as you need it while still being lightweight enough to move around the house.
  • The handlebar is the perfect height for kids to hold onto and jump, giving them a firm grip whether they are on the ground or in the air, and incorporating a foam covering that will ensure no slippage.
  • Rubber-coated feet ensure that you can use it on any type of floor without any danger of it moving around, and this kid trampoline has four legs for maximum stability.
  • The reduced springiness of the netting material means that your toddler can go as high as they want without any danger of tumbling over the safety bar.
  • In addition, there are no springs or sharp parts for them to snag clothing on or get scratched with, and even though the trampoline says assembly required, it actually unfolds almost perfectly right out of the box.

Cons of the Little Tikes 3′ Toddler Trampoline

  • This trampoline will only support one child at a time, so if you have more than one kid that is the right age for it; they will have to take turns.
  • In addition, the foam on the handle can tear off after a lot of use. It would have been better if they had used rubber to provide grip for the safety bar.


This is a terrific trampoline with a lot of advantages. It is from a solid brand and is priced just right. With the safety bar and the perfect tautness of the netting, this is a safe and easy way for your kids to burn off excess energy while hanging out indoors.


#2.Sportspower My First Kids Trampoline with Enclosure

My First Trampoline from Sportspower is a product that has really thought about how to take every precaution to keep kids safe and still allow them to have a good time jumping on a trampoline. You can let your little ones jump on this kids trampoline and take care of your other responsibilities around the house thanks to its innovative safety design. Your kids will be in no more danger than if you had put them in a playpen, and they will have a lot more fun. As the name suggests, this is the perfect trampoline for first-time jumpers, and it will create a foundation of physical activity that will follow them into life.

Pros of My First Trampoline by Sportspower

  • The first safety feature that makes this kids trampoline so unique is the safety netting that surrounds it. It is supported by foam-covered support bars that your kids can hold onto, and ensures that they will not fall off of this toddler trampoline no matter what.
  • In addition, there are six sturdy legs that are covered with thick rubberized feet that will allow you to place this kid trampoline on tile, wood floors and other smooth surfaces with no danger of the trampoline shifting.
  • A zippered hatch allows your child to enter on their own or with your assistance, without you having to lift them over the top, which is a lot easier on your back.
  • Soft foam padded edges completely eliminate safety concerns like springs catching clothing or scratching skin, and allow your kids to crawl around inside the tramp like a playpen without any danger.
  • Features solid construction with galvanized steel tubes that will resist rusting, which means this is one of the few toddler trampoline models that you can use outdoors once in a while.

Cons of My First Trampoline by Sportspower

  • This kid trampoline can be used outdoors once in a while, but should not be left outdoors as some parts may deteriorate – specifically the foam and the netting; which can heat up a great deal in the sun. This also has the potential to burn kids hands and feet so this kids trampoline should only be moved outdoors temporarily and stored inside.
  • Some people have had trouble putting this kids trampoline together using the instructions.


Even though this is listed as an “outdoor” kids trampoline, it should be mostly used indoors. But even with that disadvantage, it is still one of the best toddler trampoline choices out there due to the safety netting around the outside and how well designed to protect your kids it is. This is one of the safest kid trampoline models on the market.


#3.Pure Fun Super Jumper Kids Indoor Trampoline with Handrail

This toddler trampoline has a few advantages over some of the others on this list, but it also doesn’t have quite as many safety features. That’s why this is probably the perfect choice for older children who do not require having to constantly hold onto a safety bar in order to keep from falling over. This toddler trampoline does incorporate a safety bar, but there is plenty of space to jump without holding onto it, and it is safe in all of the ways that count. This is a sturdy trampoline that will last through hundreds of hours of use, and allow your kids to build stamina, develop muscles and learn to use their bodies properly; while still having a terrific time.

Pros of the Pure Fun Super Jumper

  • One of the biggest advantages that this trampoline has over some of the others listed here is that it is the best kid trampoline models to support more than one child at a time. That’s because this is a wider kid trampoline than most, and the safety bar is positioned as to allow for multiple jumpers. The kids trampoline can easily support a combined weight up to 100 pounds.
  • Another advantage of the Pure Fun kids trampoline is that the handrail is curved around the trampoline instead of being a straight bar, allowing for multiple kids to hold onto it if desired. This kid trampoline is the perfect marriage of safety and freedom.
  • The netting uses steel springs to give this toddler trampoline jumping power, but covers them up with a thick, padded ring that protects your children from pinching, scratching or catching their clothing in the springs of this kid trampoline.
  • You’ll also love the fact that the safety bar on this kids trampoline is adjustable, so it can be used for children of varying ages and sizes. However, this toddler trampoline is recommended for kids three and up.

Cons of the Pure Fun Super Jumper

  • There are a couple of disadvantages as wel. The first is that although the legs are covered in rubberized feet that are meant to prevent slipping; this toddler trampoline is best used on the carpet because they aren’t always effective – especially on really slick floors.
  • This is also a really difficult kid trampoline to put together. Lots of people have said that they struggled with various aspects of the assembly. If you aren’t a natural at putting together these types of toddler trampoline toys, you may want to find some help.


So, the question you have to answer is whether this kids trampoline is right for you. This is definitely the best kid trampoline for older children, which means it all depends upon age. If you are getting this for a 2-4 year old, then you may want to look elsewhere, but if your child is at least three years old, this is probably the perfect choice, because it will still fit them for several years.


#4.Skywalker Kids Trampolines 40 In. Round Bouncer with Enclosure

Contrary to what the name might lead you to believe, this is not a licensed Star Wars product. However, this kids trampoline does have some pretty amazing safety features that more than makes up for that fact. While this might not be the best kids trampoline for the long term, you will get every penny of your money’s worth out of it easily. Plus, with so many different safety features, you can be certain of your kids having tons of fun without risking injury. This is also a trampoline that is sturdy enough to be used by more than one child at a time. Let’s start by taking a look at the advantages that this kid trampoline offers.

Pros of the Skywalker Round Bouncer with Enclosure

  • With no springs, this is one of the safest trampolines on this list. Instead of the standard steel springs, this kid trampoline features super-strong stretch bands that are still covered up by thick padding just as springs would be.
  • This toddler trampoline also features an extra-high outer enclosure so that your kids can jump at their leisure without being in danger of falling off.
  • In addition, you don’t have to worry about another child crawling underneath this kids trampoline while someone is jumping; thanks to the skirting on the bottom that is secured to the legs.
  • Foam padding on the frame of this kids trampoline protects your children from injury while jumping. It is soft enough to withstand even tough blows, while providing them with something to grip for those who don’t feel comfortable jumping without holding onto the safety bar.
  • This kid trampoline has a zippered entry that is outlined in yellow to make it easy to identity allows your children to crawl in and get jumping in no time.

Cons of the Skywalker Round Bouncer with Enclosure

The only disadvantage of this toddler trampoline is that it isn’t going to stand up to a lot of use. You are probably going to get around 2-3 years of use out of it if you use it regularly; or possibly even shorter if your kids use it on a daily basis. However, with such a stellar price, you are still getting your money’s worth with this toddler trampoline, even if it only lasts you for a year or two.


There is no question that this kid trampoline has the potential to be the safest on this list. This is the best kids trampoline for multiple kids as well, as it provides an extra high enclosure and doesn’t use springs. Although this kid trampoline may not last you as long as some of the other entries here, it is still probably the safest among all of them; and it will last you long enough to get your money’s worth out of it.


#5.Portable & Foldable Kid Trampoline with Padded Frame Cover and Handle by GYMENIST

This is an innovative design and brightly colored kid trampoline that doesn’t use any springs, but still allows for lots of fun and exciting bouncing. This toddler trampoline also has safety features that will allow it to be used by younger children and it has some unique aspects that may make it the number one choice for parents even among the top picks on this list. This trampoline offers hours of enjoyment at a time, providing the opportunity for your children to develop coordination, flexibility, build muscle and burn off excess energy that can lead to tantrums and difficult bedtimes.

Pros of the GYMENIST Portable & Foldable Kid Trampoline

One of the biggest advantages offered by this toddler trampoline is how portable it is. You can break this trampoline down and put it into an easy-to-use carrying bag, which makes it perfect for hauling it to the babysitter’s or to visit relatives over the weekend.

In addition, since it is so easy to break down and put together, that means that initial assembly is a snap, which isn’t something that you can say about some of the other kid trampolines on this list.

This is another trampoline that makes kid safety first and foremost, with straps instead of springs to prevent any sort of pinching or other types of injuries. Plus, there is still the same type of padded cover that you might find with a trampoline that has springs, so it basically offers maximum protection.

Another advantage that this trampoline has – even over all of the other entries on this list of the best-of-the-best – is that it is stronger than just about any toddler trampoline out there. The max weight limit on this trampoline is 150 pounds, which is 50 pounds more than the second strongest on this list.

Cons of the GYMENIST Portable & Foldable Toddler Trampoline

However, you should keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily the most fun toddler trampoline on this list. While the straps do provide a great deal of safety, they also do not provide that much bounce. If your kids get bored easily, then you might want to think about a higher bounce with an enclosure.

The safety bar on this toddler trampoline is also just a little too short for the age level it is aimed at. This kid trampoline is intended for those ages 3 and up, but the handlebar is designed for the height of a toddler and not adjustable. That does, however, make it the perfect toddler trampoline.


This is probably one of the best kids trampoline models out there when it comes to convenience, but it isn’t nearly as bouncy as some of the others. It is perfectly safe, so if you want to err on the side of safety instead of fun, then this is definitely the best choice here.


#6.Kangaroo’s 36″ – Small Indoor Trampoline for Your Toddler

This is definitely a contender for one of the better kids trampolines on the market right now. This is a 36” trampoline that is intended for children three years old and up. It has some great safety features that parents will love, and it has enough bounce to keep even the most distracted kids bouncing for hours. With its bright orange and blue design, and extra thick padding around the frame, this is a great choice for a kid trampoline. However, even though there are a slew of advantages, there are a couple of things to be aware of as well. Let’s start by taking a look at each of those categories for this kid trampoline.

Pros of the Kangaroo’s Trampoline

  • The first advantage of this kid trampoline is that it incorporates two important safety features: a thick, padded handlebar that has a great grip and is set at the right height for most kids and a frame cover with extra padding that prevents injuries.
  • You can also remove the handle and simply turn this trampoline on its side in order to store it in a closet or behind a piece of furniture to get it out of the way.
  • With a full three feet of space across the surface of this kid trampoline, your kids will have plenty of room to jump for hours.
  • Provides plenty of bounce so your kids can bounce fairly high and that means a bigger fun factor.
  • Burns off excess energy, develops strong muscles and helps with coordination and flexibility.
  • This is a trampoline that can be used indoors or outdoors, which is a fairly unique feature, even among the other kid trampolines listed here.

Cons of the Kangaroo’s Trampoline

  • There is one major issue with this trampoline and that is that provides enough bounce for a child holding onto the safety bar to be able to tip it over if they aren’t careful. That’s why it is recommended that you supervise your children while they are using this trampoline.
  • You also want to keep in mind that while it says ages three and upon the manufacturer’s description, this is probably better suited for older kids due to the need to use it correctly to prevent tipping and the height of the safety bar – which is too high for smaller kids. It is probably not a toddler trampoline.


This really is a great choice in the kid trampoline market. While the price is great and the fun factor is high, the safety features are not as good as the other trampolines listed here.  This is probably a good choice for some older kids who are responsible jumpers, but for others, you may want to choose a different one listed here.


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